Spices You’ll Like to Have Around the Camp Kitchen

spices for your camping kitchen

spices for your camping kitchenJust because you are on a camping trip and temporarily living in the wilderness does not mean that you need to live a life without flavor. Choosing the right spices for all of your camping meals can make any meal just as tasty as if you were cooking at home. Obviously, a container of salt and a shaker of pepper are two of the main spices to bring along. However, what other spaces should you bring on your week-long camping adventure?

One of the main spices to bring is cinnamon. Cinnamon provides a wonderful flavor to almost everything. It even has many healthy benefits as it has proven to lower cholesterol and blood sugar levels. There is a lot of additional evidence that it can also reduce the risk of dangerous cardiovascular disease. You can add cinnamon to your morning oatmeal, yogurt, or sprinkle it on a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for the kids. At nighttime you can have a delicious cup of hot apple juice sprinkled with cinnamon as you sit around the evening campfire.

Turmeric may not seem like a must bring spice for a camping trip but it is an excellent choice for ground beef, stir-fries, steak, chicken, fresh caught fish, and rice. It also has excellent anti-inflammatory benefits and can help to improve digestion. Simply be careful when using it as it will stain almost anything that gets in its way including hands, clothes, and pots.

The final must have spice to bring along on a camping trip is cayenne pepper. Cayenne pepper is essential when making a big pot of camping chili. You can also use it for other Mexican dishes and it is delicious on top of popcorn. Some other important spices to bring along include thyme, cumin, garlic powder, and lemon pepper.