Pressure Cookers are Great for Camping


pressure-cooker-for-the-rvPeople are once again becoming interested in pressure cooking after a long absence due mainly to fear of them exploding on the kitchen ceiling. Today’s pressure cooker has been completely redesigned and they are perfectly safe for cooking. There are many benefits to using one at the campground and we’ll list a few for you.

Time – The cooking time is greatly reduces when you use a pressure cooker and the food comes out as tender as if it has been slow roasted for hours. You can easily make a roast that goes from the freezer to the table in as little as 30 minutes. This handy appliance makes meal planning easy when you can drop everything in and have dinner ready in the time it takes to set the table and call the kids in from playing.

Nutritious – It’s believed that food cooked in a pressure cooker is denser in nutrients due to the reduced cooking time required for the meal. More nutrients are preserved within your food when it hasn’t been cooked for several hours.

Clean Up – Most are designed to be very easy to clean. The inner surfaces won’t stick so it is just a matter of washing the one container with warm, soapy water and rinsing well. It makes meals so much nicer when you don’t have to spend hours cleaning up.

You might like to try some new recipes for your pressure cooker. If so, go to Dad Cooks Dinner – Pressure Cooker Recipes to find some tasty ones. We hope your camping meals of fast, easy, and full of friends and family.