Natural Recipes For Sunscreen


sunscreenWe all want to avoid sun exposure while being able to spend as much time outdoors as we can. It can be hard to strike a balance. You may also want to avoid commercial sunscreens due to the ingredients that make up the lotion. Fortunately, you can make your own sunscreen and then you’ll know exactly what is in it.
You need to choose the right ingredients to prepare your natural sunscreen. The ingredients you choose should have a natural sun protection factor or SPF. Here are some of the most effective ingredients that you need to include in the natural sunscreen.

. Almond oil has an SPF of around 5
. Carrot seed oil – an SPF of 35-40
. Coconut oil – an SPF of 4-6
. Red Raspberry seed oil – an SPF of 25-50
. Shea butter – an SPF of 4-6
. Zinc oxide – an SPF of 2-20
You can mix some of these ingredients to prepare an effective natural sunscreen with the correct SPF you require. In fact, you can add different amounts of zinc oxide depending on the SPF you need. The zinc oxide should be a certain percentage of the weight of the ingredients you have chosen for the sunscreen. Here are the zinc oxide percentages that you need to use to make sunscreens with different SPFs.

. SPF 2-5 – You should use 5% of zinc oxide
. SPF 6-11 – 10% of zinc oxide
. SPF 12-19 – 15% zinc oxide
. SPF >20 – 20% zinc oxide
We hope you get to enjoy lots of lazy days in the sun this summer and we look forward to seeing you around the campground. Be sure to make your reservation and say hello if you see us in the park.