It’s Smart To Teach Basic First Aid To Your Camping Kids

teach camping kids first aid

teach camping kids first aidIt’s a good idea to teach basic first aid to your camping kids. It’s a skill that ideally everyone would eventually know by the time they are adults, so they have to learn it sometime. Camping trips are situations where a first aid emergency might be more likely to come up, so it’s a great occasion to go over basics with the young ones among the family and friends.

The simple truth is that kids are possibly the most likely to have accidents requiring first aid, and also probably the first ones to notice that someone needs attention. Children are so observant, as the world is still new to them and everything is fresh.

To start, just make sure that they know where the first aid kit is. Then, open it up and lay things out so they know what some of the items are. If someone needs a band-aid, they should be able to get it themselves.

If possible, have video tutorials loaded onto something like a tablet or smartphone so they can watch the content. Then follow up with a real-life reenactment. That’s not to say you should cut yourself open to see if they can handle a cut, but you can through a pretend or make-believe scenario with them. Their transition from playing nurse or doctor to actually being a field medic can be surprisingly seamless.

When your kids know basic first aid, they can help take care of one another and lighten your stress and workload. Also, if it’s an adult that gets hurt, a kid who knows a few things can be an extra pair of helpful hands in a moment when you are responsible for patching up a friend or family member that is wounded.