Have an RV Emergency Road Kit Ready

RV Emergency Kit

RV Emergency KitNo matter how prepared you try to be things will sometimes go wrong and unexpected things will happen. When you find yourself in a situation it helps to have an emergency road kit at your disposal. We’ll list the most common things we see used by RVers so you’ll know what to have on hand.

Batteries. Make sure you have a variety of battery sizes. Lots of today’s equipment uses batteries and you won’t want to have to run to the store when you lantern goes dark.

Flashlights. Bring extra. Some people put a mini flashlight in the car, the RV, a couple of drawers, the bedroom and bathroom. You can’t predict where you’ll be when you need to shed some light.

Fuses, duct tape, latex gloves, an ice scraper, bungee cords, a tarp, and tow straps. These may rarely be needed but when they are needed they are really needed. Have them on hand for just those times.

Voltage meter, extra cell phone charger, extension cords, hose repair kit, and fix a flat. Add these to your list so you don’t have to borrow or buy when you need them.

Hopefully, you won’t need any of these items and your camping trip will be smooth sailing. Just in case, however, put all of these items in an easy to access container. We hope your camping is fun and rewarding.