Cleaning Your Cast Iron

cast iron pan

cast iron panCast iron is a favorite cookware for camping today. Cast iron skillets can retain heat very well, and they are naturally nonstick when maintained properly. But many people are confused when it comes to cleaning cast iron skillets. There are many ways of cleaning cast iron skillets.
The first method is for lightly soiled skillets. First, you need to pour a bit of oil into the skillet. Take a dish rag and wipe the skillet until it is clean. There should be no food pieces after you wipe off the skillet. Since you have used oil to clean the skillet, you can use it to cook next time around. In fact, the skillet is ready to cook as it is. The next technique is for skillets that have a little more food stuck on them. First, apply a little of an abrasive agent such as sea salt or cornmeal into your skillet. Now scrub the pan with a dish rag. Scrape any food pieces until the entire pan is cleaned. Finish it off by rubbing a little bit of oil.
The other cleaning method is for cast iron skillets that are really messy or have food really stuck on them. On the other hand, if you have cooked something smelly such as salmon or fish, you can use this method to clean the pan. You need a steel wool for this purpose. Place the skillet in the sink. Pour some hot water in the pan. Now scrub it with the steel wool. If the food pieces are really stuck, you can soak the pan for some time before scrubbing. You should dry than skillet soon after you wash it. If not, it could rust.
The most important thing to note is to never use soap in your cast iron and always re-season it after you’ve cleaned it. Your cast iron will provide you with many years of delicious camping meals if you maintain it regularly this way.