Best Flashlight Games For Kids

flashlight games

flashlight gamesAs a kid, some of the most fun games are those that are played after the sun goes down. This is largely due to the fact that parents tend to keep kids indoors once the sun has gone down. If you are looking for some ways to enjoy the warm summer nights with your children then making use of various flashlight games are a great option for you.

The most common flashlight game that kids love to play is flashlight tag. Thanks to it being dark outside this can actually be a combination of both tag and hide and go seek. Essentially the person becomes “it” when they are hit with the light from the flashlight. The only downside is that many kids will try to claim that they were not tagged, but that seems to be the case with any game played when children are involved.

Another fun game that can be played inside or outside with the aid of a flashlight is charades. With this game you set up the flashlight to shine towards a wall. The players then try to use their hands to mimic animals or things. The other team then has to try to guess what they are trying to mimic. This is a game that can be fun for anyone, even little ones and parents.

Finally, you can have a scavenger hunt in the dark where the players can only use the light of their flashlights to find the items on their list. This is especially fun outdoors, but can be played indoors as well if the weather is not ideal. Make sure to hide the items well so that the fun can last for a long time.

Kids absolutely love games that can be played in the dark. Take advantage of the simplicity that comes with using a flashlight to play. Your kids with remember times like those for a lifetime.